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– guests on the tours of Karel Gott (2015) and Helena Vondráčková (2017-2018)

– tripple winners in cathegory „Band of the year“ of Slovakia national OTO awards

– Albums „Hlasy“ and „Hlasy 2“ became platinum

– Crystal wing award in cathegory Album of the year 2013 from The Union of Authors and Performers

– representation of Slovakia on Expo 2008 in Zaragoza

– support act of Suzanne Vega and Take 6 – holders of 10 Grammy awards

– band performs mostly in Slovakia and Czech, but also in France Poland, Austria in 280 concerts per year


FRAGILE is an a cappella group from Slovakia consisting of popular personas most notably from TV sitcoms, theatre, musical theatre productions and TV shows.

With their playful approach, the group interprets world famous rock, pop and jazz hits without the use of any musical instruments. FRAGILE’s domain is contemporary pop music, and they perform covers of Sting, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Karel Gott etc.

Besides good music, the next key ingredient of their production is their sense of humor. With FRAGILE you’re about to experience a unique evening full of fun.

Fragile members are: Braňo Kostka, Soňa Norisová, Jana Golis, Helena Krajčiová, Svetlana Rymarenko, Slavo Košecký, Martin Madej and Jožo Hečko. The group’s understudies are: Peter Lacho, Daniela Tomešová and Karolína Majerníkova.

The word „fragile“ describes chamber acappella singing, that is singing without any musical instruments to back up a vocal performance. Even a group with little number of singers can be labelled as fragile. It’s so fragile that each small mistake, incorrect rhythm or wrong intonation looks as pure scratch on glass. Even the smallest glass scratch can destroy musical pyramid from crystal glasses.

However FRAGILE group takes this challenging genre like masters. Even though within their repertoire are compositions from Bach or Chopin their titles are mostly from current pop music, hits from world wide famous authors and interpreters. Fragile transcends into a pleasant base with huge creativity. Their performances are not only full of amazing music but mostly full of humor thanks to which you experience unrepeatable evening full of excitement.


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Shape of You

Bohemian Rhapsody


Lady Karneval 

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